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We are dedicated to making your time at Fine Line Barbers an enjoyable and pleasurable experience. Whether you’re after a haircut or an express and efficient beard tidy, we can cater to your hair and grooming needs. 

Providing a barbering service that’s precise in execution, Fine Line Barbers is a contemporary barbershop based in Sidcup which prides itself in the art of grooming.

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The legendary fade – put some pizzazz back in your step with a Fine Line fade. Blended perfection, believe we take this seriously.

Scissor Cut

Sharp and stylish, our barbers can give you a whole new look. Whether bold and futuristic, or minimal and dapper, we have just the slice for you.


Step out with a new slick do. At Fine Line Barbers, we specialize in bringing your new hair goals to life. Bring your ideas or let us take the reins.


Who doesn’t love a good beard? Tame the beast and let us groom your beard to perfection. From simple trims to innovative styles - including treatment and maintenance, this one is truly for the fellas.

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